Quality at the Highest Level

Integral’s Quality Management System has been developed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 International Standard as well as ABSA AB-518, the Pressure Equipment Safety Authority for Alberta, which administers Alberta’s pressure equipment safety programs under the Safety Codes Act governed by the Province of Alberta. In British Columbia, we are licensed with Technical Safety BC as a Boiler and Pressure Vessel Contractor.

Integral Energy is committed to supplying products and services that satisfy all customer project specifications, industry codes, and regulations while ensuring that deliverables are met with a focus on adhering to quality assurance/quality control requirements and enhancing the objective of customer satisfaction.

The Quality Management System has the full support of Integral Senior Management who will ensure that adequate resources, including trained personnel, are provided in order to effectively implement the quality program. The QMS system is reviewed by Senior Management annually for the purposes of continuing suitability and ensuring Integral’s continual improvement objective is met. This ensures that all company quality objectives listed in this quality system manual are being met and/or needs for improvement are identified.

Senior Management ensures measurable quality objectives are established throughout the organization by performing periodic reviews, analysis of internal/external quality audits, and management review meetings.  By achieving successful results of quality objectives it is the organization’s main objective to be the preferred supplier of construction services by providing a high level of quality and services to its customers.

"At Integral Energy Services Ltd., Quality is a Major Component of our Corporate Culture."

– Brendan Brodie, President